Cargo Transportation

Sea Transportation

Sea shipping is mostly spread when delivering measurement heavy cargoes in intercontinental directions. Such kind of transportation allows minimizing risk during transportation and transport charges.

 «Global Trans Cargo»  renders full range of export/import shipping services. Due to cooperation with leading shipping lines and high degree of proficiency of our staff we can transport goods by sea to/from any port in the world at the best prices for client. 

 Specialists of our company will organize supplying of empty container for loading, transportation to the nearest port, to the port of destination as well as delivery from port to the storehouse of consignee and will develop the most advantageous and convenient route for each client. According to client's request goods can be delivered by "door to door" scheme. Each stage of sea shipping is under control and client is promptly informed about location of goods.

«Global Trans Cargo» provides all kinds of sea containers for transportation: FCL (full container load), as well as LCL (less than full container load). Proceeding from size, destination, properties of goods and customer's wishes, our specialists will develop the fastest and the most economical route and organize sea shipping that will meet all the world standards.

Air Transportation

Air transportation is the fastest way of cargo delivery.

Specialists of «Global Trans Cargo» will promptly airlift cargoes from/to any part of the planet. Our company will develop the fastest, safest and the most economical route in compliance with request of the client, during this transportation we can use not only direct but also connection flights. According to client's wishes we can organize transportation of the whole lot by charter flight or transport it in parts using several scheduled flights.

  • Air transportation within Russia
  • Organization of export/import air transportation
  • Cargo delivery "from terminal to terminal"  
  • Cargo delivery to the door of consignee


"Door to Door" Delivery

 «Global Trans Cargo» renders the whole range of service for delivery of goods within Russia, export and import goods on the "door to door" principle. It means that goods are delivered "from the door of supplier to the door of customer".  In this case several kinds of transport are usually used. Due to wide field of activity of the company, "door to door" delivery can be made by sea, railroad, trucking and aircraft apart as well as in different combinations.  This scheme can be used to deliver not only general but also consolidated cargoes. "Door to door" delivery makes it possible to reduce transport charges and risk and upgrade the quality of transportation.    



Trucking allows delivering goods straight "to the door" of consignee.  

«Global Trans Cargo» has wide experience in organization of international trucking, as well as trucking within Russia. Specialists of our company will develop route that will be optimal in time, safety and price in compliance with all demands of the client. For trucking of different kinds of goods of any quantity we can offer a wide range of motor transport, including delivery trucks and refrigerators.

Mobile communication with drivers makes it possible to control cargoes at every stage of transportation and inform client about its location.

We set up long-term contracts for transport services as well as contracts for single transportations.


  Railroad Transportation

Specialists of our company have great experience in organization of railroad transportations.

We can offer you the following services in the field of railroad transportation:

-transportation in freight cars

-container transportation
- development of optimal routes for delivery of cargoes from initial point to the station of destination
- development of schemes of loading, stowage and fastening of cargoes
- delivery of cargoes to the railroad station

-delivery of cargoes from the railroad station to the storehouse of consignee

- handling
- railroad transportation within Russia
- international railroad transportation

All works on loading and stowage of your cargoes in the car are under control, our specialists are constantly tracking the location of the car and you can get the whole information about your cargo at any time.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes, which means transportation of cargoes that exceed legally established sizes, is one of the most complicated kinds of transportation, which requires availability of special vehicles, highly qualified staff, as well as observation of the rules of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Availability of specialized vehicles like low-built trucks and specialized trailers allow us organizing transportation of any complexity.  

Highly qualified specialists of our company will properly organize delivery of your goods to any point on the planet in compliance with all norms and requirements of transportation of oversized cargoes. According to the size and properties of cargo, we will find the most appropriate kind of transport, develop the safest and fastest route, organize handling and will guarantee the safety of goods. We develop individual schemes of delivery for each customer at the best prices.


Transportation of liquid cargoes

 «Global Trans Cargo» renders services in the field of transportation of liquid cargoes by all kinds of transport to any part of the world. According to the type of cargo and the route we can offer such kinds of transport as tank container, cistern, water-wagon, sea transport, flexi-tank etc. We can transport food as well as chemical liquid cargoes at any conditions and temperatures.

 Our specialists will figure out the fastest and safest route and will choose the best kind of equipment for transportation of your cargo, ways of loading and unloading, and the most suitable equipment for joining of all kinds of tanks to hoses and pumps. Our specialists control the whole course of transportation and will promptly give you information about location of your cargo.  


Transportation of consolidated cargoes

Transportation of consolidated cargoes means transportation of small lots of goods that belong to different owners, by means of one transport facility. Small lots of goods are consolidated into one lot that is delivered by one kind of transport and consignor pays only for the place that his goods take. Such way of transportation makes it possible to reduce expenses due to optimal loading of transport. Centralized consolidation of cargoes makes it possible to control conveyance of goods during all stages, considerably reduce costs of transportation and time of delivery.

We deliver consolidated cargoes by all kinds of transport within Russia as well as in import and export directions. Also we organize handling, cargo operation at storehouse, preparation for transportation.  

Consolidated cargoes are under control of our specialists during all time of delivery.  Customer can deliver his goods to the nearest consolidation storehouse by himself or employ our company on the whole process of delivery and handling.

Due to long time cooperation with our foreign partners and convenient location of consolidation storehouses we can offer you services of high level and minimal time of delivery. Our specialists will develop the fastest and most economical route of delivery in compliance with all needs of the customer and all peculiarities of cargo.

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